Published by Admin on 20 Nov 2008

Here is one of those Free Massage Lessons

Our partner site let us embed a few of the free video lessons from their site.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Published by Josh on 21 Jan 2008

Increasing your Metabolic RATE!!

I have recently read an insightful article on 60 things to increasing your metabolic rate in health magazine. It backed up all the things i have learned and gave me a few new things that made sense. Increasing your metabolic rate is a way you can loose fat quicker, later down the track being able to go to a party and not worry about what you’re eating, increase fitness level and aid in the bodies good health and efficient and effective digestion, in other words getting the most out of your foods. I wont mention all 60 tips but ill mention a few stand outs.

– Avoid drinking water with your meals, because it dilutes the enzymes that break down fats, carbs and proteins. Instead drink water in between meals to prevent snacking.

– Eating a piece of fruit before a large meal will kick start your system ready for digestion.

– Full fat milk is much better than fat free milk or any other fat free products while trying to loose weight, because fat free products use artificial sweeteners which have a addictive quality as well as turning into fat if you don’t the energy the product within a half hour of consumption.

– Eat plenty of Vegetables and never over cook especially when boiling or steaming or else there nutrients are lost. They often only need a few minutes to cook. Avoid pealing your vegies as well because the peal is where most of the nutrients lie.

– Fats and oils are quite important for your body, they also help you feel fuller for longer, to help with decreasing snacking

– If trying to loose weight, avoiding sugar is one of the largest, most effective ways to shed kg’s. look at the ingredient on the back of things and if sugar is their try to find something else to chomp on like a caret or piece of fruit if the craving for something sweet is too over whelming.

– Exercising 30mins a day would do wanders. Effective exercise for weight lose is fast and intense 5 minute bursts of exercise with a 10 to 20 minute break, repeating several times. Because with high energy activities and weight training it takes around 5 minutes for your muscles to fatigue therefore not getting the most out of your body to burn the fat. Its also in resting from the intense short workout that your body is recovering and still burning fats.

Published by Josh on 18 Nov 2007

The Art of Touch

Touching can come in many forms, anything from sensual, to healing, to abusive. Most of the time when we touch other people there is a purpose behind the touch, unless you accidentally bump or brush past someone in the street or shopping center, even then you notice it and notice whether it was intentional or awkward. Touch can reflect many different and unique styles of communication. No words could be spoken and yet you can still say “i love you”, “leave me alone” or “I’m going to fix your pain” through touch.

Touch doesn’t solely depend on how its done but a lot to do with why its done. The intention’s of your touch can be felt, so be careful why you are touching, make sure its with good intension. But its not until you realize this, that you discover the art of touching in all kinds of ways. The better Remedial massage therapists not only use their hands and techniques to manually manipulate soft tissue through specific touching styles, but also have every intention in the way they work to heal and redesign the body and its soft tissue through their touch.

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