These days your thumbs are one of the most important parts of your body in communication (via text messages, typing in phone numbers, using the space button on your keyboard etc.), and for a massage therapist they are one of the tools of the trade that often makes or breaks a good massage. Your thumbs are over used throughout life, by using your hands in many ways such as gripping your knife and fork while cutting a large steak, picking up your cup of tea in the afternoon while watching Oprah (for the ladies out there, and some men)… moving furniture, changing the channel, doing the dishes, hitching a ride, sifting through your bundle of hundred dollar notes, anything in daily life, even when relaxing seems to be putting stress or working your thumbs.

Massage therapist and other hands on trades put a significant amount of extra pressure on their thumbs by simply doing what they do best. For massage therapist in particular their thumbs and hands are their tools, and without them they would struggle to keep up with relieving their clients muscle pain, especially if they performed trigger point therapy.

There are a few easy ways to save your thumbs as a therapist and still give a good deep massage. Hate to do it but you could say “3 THINGS to SAVE YOUR THUMBS”… They are 1. Knuckles 2. Supported fingertips, & 3. Elbows… additional ways of saving your thumbs are to use tools such as Cupping techniques, hand held trigger point tool, or vibrating devices, these can be good it ways, give a hands off clinical approach and you can’t feel whats going on with the tissue so you can’t be as precise with your techniques.

1. Knuckles can be used to strip along muscle bellies, knead and stretch out fibres and get deep into larger areas such as gluts, hamstrings and kneading into the upper traps.

2. Supported fingertips can be a little more accurate and able to get into smaller spots such as under and around the scapula, into the deltoids, around the top of on under the iliac spine, round the calves and right up the neck.

3. Elbows and forearms, are to be used if you have a client that wants deep tissue and isn’t afraid of a little pain, you are able to use elbows stripping up erector spinae group, right over and down the upper traps, stripping up the hamstrings, calves, ITB, gluts. Elbows are great to get deep into the gluts and to use for trigger point therapy on the piriformis muscle, hamstrings gluts and all the way up the back.

These options can save your hands and thumbs in a large way so you can be massaging for years to come and not burn out like a lot of therapists do.

Josh the Masseur

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