Touching can come in many forms, anything from sensual, to healing, to abusive. Most of the time when we touch other people there is a purpose behind the touch, unless you accidentally bump or brush past someone in the street or shopping center, even then you notice it and notice whether it was intentional or awkward. Touch can reflect many different and unique styles of communication. No words could be spoken and yet you can still say “i love you”, “leave me alone” or “I’m going to fix your pain” through touch.

Touch doesn’t solely depend on how its done but a lot to do with why its done. The intention’s of your touch can be felt, so be careful why you are touching, make sure its with good intension. But its not until you realize this, that you discover the art of touching in all kinds of ways. The better Remedial massage therapists not only use their hands and techniques to manually manipulate soft tissue through specific touching styles, but also have every intention in the way they work to heal and redesign the body and its soft tissue through their touch.

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