Cupping is an ancient form of treatment which uses cups to heat and suck blood and toxins to the surface, to be able to flush through and clease your body. there are different ways of cupping.

Glass cups are paced or moved over the surface of the skin while sustaining suction. Cupping is a relaxing technique used to release superficial adhesions between the skin and the muscles’ myofascia. It aims to flush toxins through the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation within the muscle. Static Cupping Techniques will bring toxins accumulated deep within the muscle to the surface so that they can drain.

History of cupping

Cupping had many names for reasons of the different methods of cupping.. other names for cupping therapy, include “horning”, “needlehorn”, “sucking method”, “fire – cupping”, “boiling bamboo cylinder”.
These signify the different methods used to get the same or similar results. Horning was a technique generally used by shepherds on their sheep, using a hollowed horn from a wild bore or horned animal. The tip of the horn was cut off so that the shepherd could suck through that end, creating suction. They were then placed on areas of the sheep that the sheep seemed irritated with, therefore sucking the toxins to the surface. Later they learned that they could use plug that they held in their mouths, sucked and then placed the plug in to the hole with their tongs, this allowed them to put on multiple horns and leave them for longer, which then became known as ‘needlehorn’, and the ‘sucking method’.
Fire was introduced with use of wooden and bamboo cups, where the fire was quickly put inside the cut to suck the oxygen out then swiftly placed onto the area, creating the suction. with technological advancements glass cups were made using the same fire method. Now days you can get rubber plunger like suction cups, and a variety of plastic cups with pumps and valves, and a mixture of small plastic cups with magnetic prongs in the center. All these though, have the same purpose as that of ancient cupping methods.

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