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Published by Josh on 16 Nov 2007

Drug Free Pain Relief

Not Free Drugs, Drug free, meaning no drugs needed.

Pain killer drugs are a quick fix to masking pain and discomfort, the drugs aim to block the pain messages to the brain. Most often your body is in pain for a reason, not just to get in the way of your daily tasks, but because its trying to tell you something, either “slow down” “somethings not working properly” “do things differently” or “STOP!!!”.

Your body can also be in some sort of trauma or has experienced trauma and all it can do is ache and try to let you know you need to get something fixed or at least looked at. Usually pain means there is something your doing with your body that your body doesn’t like, or you have an existing condition that exists just to make your life harder. Drugs are quick and easy, but they act like tucking your issues under the carpet or in the closet hoping that you, or anyone else will notice that theres still mess in the house, its just been moved.

The fact is is that if you keep sweeping things under the carpet or shoving them in the closet, eventually something will give, the carpet will become lumpy and unlivable or the doors will break on your cupboard creating more of a problem to fix then to begin with. In layman’s terms, its best to sort out and fix the underlying causes, and symptoms to help minimize and eliminate pain before it becomes chronic and life gets a lot harder. Massage is drug free and works on redesigning the way your muscles work. Its one of the best ways to keep muscles healthy for years to come.

Joshua Hardidge the Remedial Massage Therapist

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Published by Josh on 23 Aug 2007

Saving your Thumbs (for Massage therapists)

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Published by Josh on 26 Jul 2007

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a technique used by Myotherapists and other specialists to specifically target and needle trigger points. It acts to mechanically release the trigger points to provide relief to the area and muscle concerned.

Josh the Masseur

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