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What you’re all been waiting for; an online video e-course exposing the secrets, hints and techniques of massage in over 70 video lessons. In depth and in brief explanations on routines and techniques used all over the body. You will not only be amazed by how easy you can learn massage but be amazed by the results of turning your hands into amazing tools of health, healing and a sensual connection between you and your partner.

This online massage video course was created by a fully qualified Remedial Massage and Myo-therapist. This means that you can be guaranteed that you will be receiving genuine skills from a multi-qualified, experienced therapist. The massage online course has been designed to learn massage easy with tools and online navigation to make it easy to find what area you would like to learn massage techniques for and alternatives to try. This is a comprehensive video course that has tried to strip massage back to the basics and slowly builds your knowledge and skills to be able to become great at massaging your partner, friends or family. It also points you in the right direction if you are interested in learning more and want to do a full time course. We are in the process of making this online cause recognized by learning institutions, where if you’ve gone through this e-course you have a greater chance of getting into your desired massage course.

All of the content is original and has been created with the soul purpose of making a massage resource and education cheap yet substantial. We have cut the costs of production by having few people involved with many skills. Our Remedial massage therapist, is also a skilled video editor, web designer and artist. Therefore the resources took many months to be complete but all integrate with each other and can be updated because the knowledge, experience, design and art on the website was all created from a qualified remedial massage and myo-therapist. This site has gotten to the stage where it will be well maintained and updated regularly with new videos and lessons, including clothed massage, seated massage, learn massage in 5 minutes, anatomy lessons, industry updates and a word glossary (for all those BUZZ words you may here). This site is designed to ‘Cut the Bull’, and tell you how it is, rather than teaching the ‘fluff’.

The benefits of learning massage online with its easy to massage is that you can logon 24/7 anytime and go through the video lessons and material at your own pace. This course is also designed for people wanting to know more about massage and the benefits especially to benefit their own and there partners health through muscle therapy. This is a great and one of the cheapest ways to gather the information you need to create a sensual and intimate bond between you and your partner, as well as discovering the fun you can have and the satisfaction you can get from pleasing your partner with your hands, as well as sharing skills and getting massages in return.

This is a professional website that is has a 100% money back guarantee, so you can be sure about your investment. The payment plan uses paypal, the best and most secure way you can pay for things on the web. The cost of this e-cause is normally $42 USD but for the first 100 people it will be $25 USD. If you are interested in finding out more about this product or want to subscribe to get all the benefits of this online massage course. Visit

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